Meet Rebecca Hardy

With a background in linguistics, user research and QA


Wearing my UX hat I offer end-to-end experience in the design and development cycle with a strong focus on testing features in the role of different personas.
As a bug detector I have ensured that the product is shipped without a glitch and solves the problem as intended.
Through linguistics I bring an understanding of the power and impact of language and discourse on people.

My journey so far…

Rebecca starts out in product support building rapport with customers, enjoying hearing about their needs

Her enjoyment grows as she observes users in action, engaging in user research to develop a more profound understanding of the problem

Rebecca puts this new knowledge to action and a spark is lit as she brings a feature from discovery to launch and optimisation

Business needs required Rebecca’s robust QA mindset to take up role as principal tester, leaving the world of design for QA

However she could not shake the thoughts of design away and felt she could better solve business and user needs by being present for design and strategy

Rebecca takes the UX immersion course with CareerFoundry to formalise her previous experience - eager to learn more and solve user needs

And here she proudly stands, with both practical and theoretical design experience to apply her unique perspective to UX problems with her QA and linguistic background


Competitive Analysis
User Research
User Testing
Journey Maps
Task Analysis
User Flows
Voice User Interface
Quality Assurance
Linguistic Analysis
Card Sorting
Affinity Mapping


Adobe XD
Others when needed


As a UX/UI Designer
my philosophy focuses on enhancing human experiences through intentionality, reflection and continuous improvement.

UX is not the cherry on top of the cake.
It is a fundamental ingredient for creating human experiences.

I do however enjoy cherries

Be IntentionalBe mindful and acknowledge actions and consequences
Reflect CriticallyReflect on actions and learn, reflect solo and as a team
Strive For ExcellencePursue quality and make something you’re proud of

This is all part of the cycle of continuous improvement, through which we iterate and optimise to enhance experiences.

Current Endeavours

Immersing myself in the world of

Voice User Interface Design


Concocting Patisserie

I get so much pleasure from experimenting with cakes. I enjoy sketching out my ideas, concocting unusual flavour combinations and learning new methods.

You’ll find me breaking down a complicated cake into manageable steps that I can work on solo as well as with my cake-adoring friends. Some of whom require support as they lack confidence - so it’s my duty to empower them for the good of cake!

Would you like to see me in action?

Take a look at my case study for